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Bottle garden Answered

Design*sponge has a cool and beautifully shot tutorial on how to make your own bottle garden. Cut up some bottles and create a wicking system and you have some pretty objects to put in the windowsill. Nice.

we like it wild: bottle gardens


Cool! Love it!

great idea!
hey, have you tried this with other kinds of plants?

You find the coolest stuff! Thanks!

How about growing a small grapevine plant in a wine bottle...? 

Well, there's still no Instructable about it. Also, it looks a little wobbly. Maybe something to address that?

It is wobbly, really need to cut two bottles, otherwise the top becomes too short in relation to the length needed to account for the neck.  I might post it eventually, there are some nontrivial differences in implementation between mine and theirs.

You could also use some glass beads in the bottom half to give the neck of the bottle something to nestle into.

do you all see the orange words "we like it wild: bottle gardens", just above the photo?  you do? good, now click on them!