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Bottles, keyboards, tins, topps, caps. Crafts? Low skilled please >.< Answered

i have 2 champagne bottles, old keyboard, 2 altoids tins, a ton of baseball topps coins, 2 sets of old computer speakers.... i dont have soldering skills or any fancy cutting thingamajigs.... help? >.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Smash the topps coins with a rock until they look like blank old pieces of metal. Put the smashed coins it the altoids tin. Pirate's treasure. Bribe yer friend YARR! Take out the speakers component from the speaker set. You will find a circular black thing with 2 wires coming out of it. Attach those wires to a 9v battery and tweak the connections on the battery until the speaker starts whistling and popping up a storm. Tap out some Morse code by tapping the speaker leads to the battery repeatedly. Take apart the keyboard. After removing the keys and frame you will find a thin, floppy piece of plastic with a labyrinth of tiny copper wires in it. cut it up and make confetti. Techno party woohoo! Write a secret message and put it inside the champagne bottle. Put the cork in and seal the bottle very tight. Throw the bottle into the nearest ocean/lake and imagine the universe altering possibilities. look up "butterfly effect".

OK I'll trade you soldering lessons for the altoids tins.

Thank you for the offer but i ruined too many projects with soldering lol i think im going to leave that be :P As for altoid tins, get your friends/family to buy you them and give them the mints in a baggie. lol free for you and they still get what they want. :]