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Bought a new Poulan w/B&S 148cc enginge. Ran 5 minutes, stopped dead on the lawn. Can't pull starter rope to restart. Answered

Didn't hit anything. Disconnected housing and rope pulls freely with no frays. BRAND NEW. Spark plug new. New oil and new 89 octane gas. HELP!


I'm not much for poulan personally since I work in a honda dealership. But if your recoil works fine, then obviously not that. . If you tip the mower on it's side MAKE SURE that you tip it so the carb is IN THE AIR. not so it's on the lower side of the mower, or you will have oil running out and into your airfilter. tie the handle down, take off the sparkplug wire and turn the blade by hand. If you can't, try removing the sparkplug, oil may have gotten ontop of the piston and cause the unit to hydro-lock. once spark plug is out, try turning it by hand again oil may pour out of the spark plug hole, or if it's still siezed. take it back to the place you bought it and explain the situation. They may have someone to send it to that can take it apart and tell you what went wrong. The only other thing I can think of that may of happened was an actual engine siezure or maybe a head of a valve dropped off and did it's damage. If you try this stuff feel free to ask me any questions or tell me what you find.

Check the motor brake thing. It's the lever you have to hold so the motor runs. When you let go of it the motor stops. It may be broken disconnected or need adjustment. Remove the spark plug and make sure the plug wire is away from the spark plug hole. Turn mower on its side and try to turn the motor by turning the blade. It will not start with no plug and the plug wire is away from the spark plug hole. Put some tape on it and tape it down away from the hole. if it turns (it should be hard to turn if motor brake is on) if it doesn't turn no matter how hard you try the motor may be locked up. Good Luck.