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Braided Wool Rug materials Answered

I have the "ingredients" to make a great braided recycled wool rug: for years I saved wool fabric, bought wool slacks and skirts at Goodwill, etc, then cut them into strips, sewed them together, and pressed them into beautiful balls of wool, all ready to braid into a medium-sized (I think) rug. I didn't feel like doing the braiding part, so I tried finger crochet with the wool. That also works, but it will make a smaller rug (think several door mats). Still no motivation to finish this great recycled project. So, all this prepared fabric could be yours! You could also knit thick, cozy wool slippers. No instructions included for any of these projects; feel free to write your own instructable. Colors include navy blues, lighter blues and grays with a little red thrown in here and there. 11 balls total. Name your price, and pay actual ground shipping.



9 years ago

Hi....how do we get in touch with you? Very interested in purchasing your wool strips. I braid rugs and always looking for material. HELP!


Reply 9 years ago

Welcome to Instructables. You can click on the author's username to get to their user profile. You will see a Private Message button to use. You can then continue any discussion in private not in the public forums or send contact info like a regular email address for them to get in touch with you. You have an inbox to check for replied messages under your own profile. Good luck.