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Brainiac's: Cool Things in Slow Motion including exploding a balloon filled with gas Answered

The following video shows a few things that we have seen and take for granted, only in slow motion. Some are real eye-openers...


What's with the giant turtle?

Symbolizes something "slow" :-)

No, that's ok, it actually took me a bit of thinking to remember why I put it there LOL

how does he break that brick!? his hand...was like... rubber!


8 years ago


actually I liked the first one, the water filled balloon....

Nice drawing, Goodhart.

I love slow motion cameras!

really I guess you would call them High speed cameras since they pick up detail of high speed motion that you can later play back slowly. (sorry if I am sounding picky :-)

You got one on me then. I could just barely afford the low end digital I have, and the CAM, well the store was offering it with a rebate and a discount, so it was exactly the right price (after rebate it cost me nothing :-)

This was a completely expected result though:

Yes, and what we really miss sometimes. I saw a match light in slow motion once....it is absolutely violent and amazing.

I love the face slap one. It's worth youtubing "Cool stuff in reverse" as well.


10 years ago

"Before the liquid mass loses its inertia ...": Neat trick, that :-)

Someone call Ernst Mach! Hey Brainiac's, didn't they get busted for faking their experiments?

They faked one for sure, dropping Francium in a bathtub of water, using explosives.