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Brainstorm: What are good sustainable/modular prefab home materials/designs? Answered

I'm far too young to implement these things at the moment, but I'm interested in your thoughts on a pre-fab home designs and materials. Hopefully something I can make/repair myself. I live in Texas (Dallas currently, perhaps Austin later, climate: mostly dry country with tornadoes.)

My idea was to build a pre-fab  workshop/garage and build the house inside of that.

Does anyone know of pre-fab underground homes? That would help maximize my land usage. I read an archived article on motherearth news about "Solartron" which sounded perfect, but they seem defunct now. 

The key areas I would focus on are the garage (mainly automotive), kitchen (small, but professionally inspired), and garden. I'm hoping to have a garden-system with a few miniature goats for milk production later in life and small-scale food production like my grandfather. (Spices, vegetables, fruits)

I'm wondering on any thoughts of what you would like in your dream home?


It seems that you can still contact the company which is listed at the end of the article. You can also find the patent of the earth-sheltered structure and download the pdf file.