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Brake light in motor bike? Answered

I'd like to set up four white strips to make a double X for my Honda Superbird XX brake light. Will I need a special circuit made to have them on constantly and then bright when applying the brake?



Best Answer 8 months ago

Short, easy answer: Yes, you will need a special circuit to do that. You need a controller like this one: https://www.delcity.net/catalogdetails?item=74991 It's meant for a car/trailer application, but it would work on the bike buy just wiring one side, and is 12 bucks.

Long, complicated answer: 1. You can't use white for a brake light, unless it's behind a red lens. I looked up the tail/brake light for the Superbird and some pictures show a red lens and others show a clear lens. Depending on what you have, you may need to use red LED's. Specific laws vary, so it's best to look up the laws where you live. You can build anything you like, it just may not be legal. The cool thing with LED's is that you can have multiple colors in the same enclosure, and have the legal requirement on for riding, and switch over to a "Show Mode" when you are not operating on public roads. If you are considering doing a much more comprehensive rewiring job, you can use a Motogadget M unit, that has "One Wire" and more built in. That's not cost effective for what you want to do alone...

I've typically found that even with a red lens the white LEDs often show through as white or light pink. I've had very good luck using red leds behind clear or red lenses.