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Brand new 5.5hp engine/packer won't run? Answered

Hey peeps, me again. My father recently put up a little shed (one with the frame and tarping) and he put a dirt floor in, and also we just put new gravel in the driveway after digging it all out. Well he's borrowing a packer from the construction company he works for, for packing the dirt down and possibly the driveway. It's got a brand new 5.5 honda utility engine on it (although it had a big lump of clay fall on the gas tank, it's nearly inverted :p ). We had it running last night but it was fluttering, we only had to move it so we never used it. Today, a whole different story, it sputterd for about 5 seconds and stopped. We (well me, he's just sitting here drinking) can't get it to work. I've cleaned the sparkplug. Pulled the gas tank off and completely emptied it out thinking maybe someone at work put diesel in it by accident or something. Put it all back together, and I got it to run for a couple second a few times. Also, I pulled the oil dipstick out, and it's one of those engines where it's not a verticl dipstick, it's basically diagonal, on a slant. And the tag that's still attached to the engine showed a diagram where it shows to check the oil, and showed where the oil level should be. Well Not the case, oil literally GUSHED out of the opening as soon as I opened it. (Long long post I know).. So I emptied the oil out so it wasn't "flowing" out of the hole (after this is when I got it to run a couple times). I'm so "fricken" confused. I know what I'm doing, just finished a advanced engine course. But what the fuck?! My last guess is perhaps change the oil (gas in it?!?). It's now 6:10pm and well basically no day left. I've spent all day tinkering with it. If anyone actually made it to the end of the post, I really need some help. Anyone have some ideas? Thanks in advanced


Have you already tried cleaning the carburetor and making sure that the float bowl, float and the float activated valve is working ok?

Well I had removed the bolt on the bottom of the carb and it came out steadily. Too late now, it's back at work.

I suspect from your post that because of clay plugging up the works, you flooded the motor. This would have mixed fuel with the oil as well. I'd suggest that you empty the oil & remove the spark plug and flush the entire engine with kerosene. Just clean everything out with it and then let it dry completely. Make sure it still turns freely and replace the oil and plug.

AWWWW. I shut the gas off last night before I put it away and forgot to turn it back on this morning and it ran for about 10 seconds and stalled, back at the fucking start, I told my father to find out who used it last so I can kick them in the face.

Man, It works now wtf. I had the spark plug in my pocket for the past 2 hours and I just put it back in and it fired up. I'm rather confused. And no the clay was cleared out (they cleaned it). I was going to change the oil though, thought maybe something was wrong with it

Is this a 2 or 4 stroke? Cleaning & gapping plugs is one thing, but you also have 'shit in the carb' to consider. I'm curious about the oil, it gushed out of the dipstick? Have you corrected the oil level to read what it should on the dipstick? (don't know what's wrong here, but I'm trying to think) L

It's a 4 stroke. And yea, I tipped it forward, there's ridges on the inside of the hole that are apparently your "level" and so it's at the upper limit according to the tag, so at the top of the hole. I'll draw a little diagram in a minute