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Brasgoggles down again? Answered

Is it just me from Romania, or is Brassgoggles.co.uk down again? it just tells you you are going to be redirected to the site, but then it never loads. nor are the bookmarks i have set in firefox loading. anybody? help?


Thank goodness! i thought my university had blocked it or something. it's been down for a loooong while, i wonder how long it will take them to fix it?


10 years ago

Same here, since Monday. It's not a domain name problem - that's still registered to Amanda and still routes to Fasthosts. But Google's cache does show something strange going on. If you view page source on Google's cached BrassGoggles homepage from March 22nd, there's a line in there advertising some Russian cheap drugs site, which looks like it's set up to display in a text region some way off the left side of the screen. This smells like an attempt to Googlebomb their way up Google's page ratings, but it doesn't look like it's malicious by itself. So either the web server itself got hacked, or the data for some server-side include got overwritten in some way. Either way, it's the right thing to do to take the site down to clean it up.

couldn't they put a redirect to a page saying "brassgoggles currently down for server maintenance"?

Yep I can't get on too. From a Google search of "brassgoggles" it looks like its been hacked, or they've not renewed their domain name.

Yes, here in the Netherlands no connection with brassgoggles... a real pain in the ass right now