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Brass Vietnam Zippo repair.. Help! Answered

Any one experienced with repair of small gauge hinge's, or is familiar with Zippo's repair? I need help... :) Please... I have two '67 '68 Vietnam brass Zippo's... They have been authenticated. One of which, has a broken hinge. I was interested in repairing it, as on the base side it has disintergrated. I am hesitant to send it to Zippo... As I believe, it is still under warranty yet I am worried that a standard hinge replacement would look odd.... as they won't age the brass etc... Could come back looking bad... Although I know, Zippo is great at servicing them! It already has ALOT, of pewter throughout the brass... Obviously fairly rusted out at some stage... And I was wondering, has anyone used pewter to mend brass before? I'm sure it's not common practice, because of colour differences etc.. Perhaps I should call Zippo to find out first hand.... Just for interest sake... Has anyone got the same inscription... I haven't seem the second of these before... I'd be interested if it is a generic quote or written be the owner... "I'VE LOVED EVERY INCH OF THE LAND I STAND, I'LL DIE BEFORE I RUN" Tactical Air Command:- "CAME DOWN THE HELL, FELL DOWN THE GOD" Any help would appreciated. Thanks! ;) Sorry about the cruddy phone pics... Doesn't really do them justice... :(


hey, I recently bought a lighter in Cambodia and I was wondering how I would go about getting it authenticated as you did? Regarding the hinge pin, I'd suggest trying to find a place that does vintage repairs. They can, at the very least, fashion replacement hinges for you and age them appropriately

. I'd go ahead and contact Zippo. Explain to them what you have and how you want a "period-correct" repair. They probably do that sort of thing.

Well, as far as i've read... Apparently even if a current brass hinge is fitted, it is still concidered "period-correct". Most of these original's were nothing more than the base saying ZIPPO. Then a complete lighter was pressed and pewter welded together... As long as the ZIPPO base is original nothing else really matter's... Hence I believe Zippo will be VERY helpful but unfortunatley they will only replace it to the best of their abilities with what they have available... But your right I will call and find out... It's just I REALLY don't want it to seem repaired... I'd rather leave it broken then have it look twice fixed... I'm hesitant to clean them also...

> I REALLY don't want it to seem repaired... I'd rather leave it broken then have it look twice fixed . I can understand that. . > I'm hesitant to clean them also... . IMNSHO, cleaning them would detract from their (sentimental) value. Unless you plan on having them refurbished to factory condition - which doesn't sound like your goal to me. . . Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

PS: I'll guess that there is at least a small handful of places that repair old Zippos - I bet you're not the only person with an "heirloom" lighter. Try searching for something like "Zippo repair"

I've had a decent look on the net... Might have to email some "experts".. If I was in the U.S I don't think I would have a problem finding someone to mend it with pewter.. But not so many people in Aus....

Do you need to fix the hinge? If so all you need to do is put a small metal pin in it.

No unfortunatley , the two teeth which are part of the bottom hinge plate, rusted to nothing... I would have to remove the bottom hinge plate completley and put a new one in... ;)