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Brassgoggles steampunk site is down? Answered

I know they many people who visit this site also visit brassgoggles.co.uk and the accompanying forum, and i know there's quite a lot of overlap between these two sites, with members migrating here, to show off their work, for example; Heresyoftruth and aintmicheal. For the past few days, i've not been able to access the site, nor its forum from any of the computers i've tried with. All i get is a screen that tells me: "Error establishing a database connection This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can't contact the database server at This could mean your host's database server is down." Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Has anyone heard from a moderator, or do they know where i can contact a mod? I'm starting to get worried about this.


Yeah, a few hours ago and I'm still waiting for the activation e-mail. If you can, could you PM Phoebsky there and ask her what's taking so long?

I can and will, but Pheobsky's a man.

Well I wasn't to know that, now was I? ;) Thanks, maybe I can actually get logged on at some point.


9 years ago

I'm not getting in again..... =[....]

I just get "page not found". Is it just me again? If i put in just "brassgoggles.co.uk" without the www. I get a page trying the sell the domain. Has it expired?

same stuff on the facebook page, no mods or admins to speak of there yet. I'm thinking that the page has been moved to a new hosting and the upload hasnt happened yet. Lets hope it didn't expire and loose all the old posts.

It's gone! And we've not seen Tinkergirl for months! What's goiing on on hte Facebook page, I can't view it, 'cos I don't have an account.

Edit: it seems its a holding page, I suppose maybe tinkergirl has switched hosting and not yet loaded the site?

Looks like the domain name expired or something, all I get is a place holder page.

Looks like it's down again!


10 years ago

Is it just me again? I haven't been able to get on in a couple days. I keep getting

Safari can’t open the page “http://www.brassgoggles.co.uk/bg-forum/” because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection, which sometimes occurs when the server is busy. You might be able to open the page later.

Has the site just been REALLY bust for 3 days straight, or am I just cursed? I've tried on firefox as well and it just sits for minutes and does nothing. =(

Ok, as long as it's not just my connection. I wonder if BG outgrew it's host?

I hope we've not been hacked again...


10 years ago

Its happening again!!! No!!!!! Perhaps I'm over reacting, but It's giving me the same message it was before when it was down. I was on earlier, but now it's acting up again.

It's been working fine for me...

Yeah, it was down for about 20 minutes, then running REAL slow. I overreacted.

oooh, scary stuff...Perhaps it was just busy?


10 years ago

Brass goggles has returned! REJOICE!

All hail the great nation of Victoriana and her majesty the king!

I see you got the same info. It took me a day or two to hunt TG down but I located her through another forum. She thanks all of you for her concern and vows it will be up as soon as she gets the new passwords.

Heresyoftruth sdend me the following link via PM

It seems that the site that hosts brassgoggles had a major security problem, and, rather than risk ALL the hosted sites being permanently damaged and destroyed, they locked them all. Tinkergirl is now awaiting secure passwords via post. The old kind of post, not the aether-post.
Presumable, these new passwords will unlock the site and let us all back in.


10 years ago

I've been off the forum for almost a week whats the story? I need my brassy fix!

i tried to get on the other day and it didn't work, I was actually getting a "server may be busy" error, so I figured I'd check it out later. Well I got busy and didn't check it again until now. Now I get a database connection problem. The WordPress site seems to be done as well though, that probably has something to do with it.

well the wordpress site seems to be working, but slowly, perhaps there was an update or something that a lot of people are having problems with.

The site was working earlier? I've been trying off and on since it went down last Wednesday at least a couple times a day and it has never worked for me, and it still isn't working for me.

I meant WordPress.org, I was just thinking that if their site is really slow right now it may be that a lot of people who are using their software are having problem and bogging down their site. Brassgoggles hasn't worked for me at all since Wed.

Wordpress seems to be working nice and fast for me, also Wordpress doesn't host the blogs, they just provide the blogging software, support and some other little things.

yeah, WordPress is working much better now. I know they don't host, just thought that if they had problems with an update or something a lot of people would be on there looking for support. It was just a theory. Anyway, anyone try webmaster@brassgoggles.co.uk, most sites have that address.

i got the same problem whenever i just tried to go. looks like its down.

It's good to see you here, sir. Im a minute, i'm going to round up heresyoftruth, aintmicheal and porkdemon, whom i know are members, and see if they know anything.

It's been down since weds night. I was in the middle of writing a post on the completion of my latest project and it just cut out. It's been too long, I need my brassgoggles!!!

The redirection has been there for sometime, but the error is new.

Just checked, it's broken from the UK as well. For a split second, I get a screen that says something about redirecting to a blog, then the same error screen you mentioned.

Yeah, that's what i've been getting. I've tried at college, at home, at a freind's house, nothing works. Hope the site's not been attacked by aether-pirates!

Hey! I've been having that same problem I didn't know if it was just me or not, but I guess its happening to others as well. Anyone know how we can contact tinkergirl to find out what is going on?