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Breadboard things? Answered

I have this really old microcomputer thing (ET-3400), my dad found it at work a few months ago and gave it to me. I never figured out how to work it. But that's not what I'm after: It's got these temporary connector things on it, like a breadboard thing with four holes. I don't know what it's called, but I put a box around them in the picture.

My question is is there a place I can buy some of these? A website or something? And what the hell do I call them? Thanks in advance.


You can make your own from old IDE cables. Or go buy some female headers. Can can find them in all sorts of sizes. You can get 1x4 like you have circled or the 2x4 like the ones over the breadboard. Check any major electronic supplier like Mouser or Sparkfun and you'll find them.

Now, those are just basic solderless connectors, right? For prototyping?

Those are just basic female headers that will accept the same sized wire as a bread board. Inside the parts you have circled and the headers are the same they just use different plastic housings. If you need a cheep 2x connector you can always upcycle an old IDE cable connector.

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you might be interested in this There is a manual for your computer available to down load which might help you get it going.

The board was made by Heathkit in the late 70's so should be good quality material.

I read that. I wish I had built it from the ground up, but my dad just kind of gave it to me. I tried to do a "segment test" this morning and all of the 7-segment LED's are now lit up. It won't go away.

It's base on a 6800 microprocessor - There is a lot of learning available on how computers actually work in there!

Well, I suppose that now that that's pretty much answered, does anyone know how to use an ET-3400?

Google it. There is all sorts of information on it and i've seen a few Youtube videos showing it off.