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Breadboards, componenets, and hot glue Answered

Hey all...

I i have a breadboard for a small circuit and it has all the regular componenets such as transistors, resistors, diodes, realys, microchips, etc.  I will have the breadboard in a plastic project case and it will be mounted vertically...  I need a way to secure the componens int eh breadboard better so i waas wondering if i can use hot glue...???  I knwo some components such as the microchip is heat sensitive when solidering but i didn't know if hot glue got to hot or if tehre would be other effects to teh circuit in some way...???

Thanks for the help...!!!


I think if all of your components are soldered together, they should stay put in the breadboard. If you are mounting that breadboard in a case, you should only use blobs of hot glue maybe at the corners of the breadboard or edge or a free spot in the middle of the breadboard to stick into the hot glue to secure the board.

Or you do not have a soldering iron and that is what you want to connect the circuit with? Wires and component parts leads should go through the holes and be soldered on the other side.

Or you are talking about a protoboard breadboard, in which case you should transfer the circuit to a real perforated breadboard or etched/drilled circuit board. Hot glue would plug up your holes and mess the board up for next use.

Thanks for the reply and i will try to be a little more clear...

It is a protoboard breadboard that i am using and i do not have a soldering iron and don't know how to use one so I planned on making the protoboard breadboard hold the permanent project. It really doesn't matter if it is no longer usable since it will be permanently mounted in the box...

IIf i use the breadboard and use hot glue to hold in the components do you think it will be okay or will the heat from the hot glue mess with the components...??? Does anyone know if there are issues with doing this....???

Thanks again for any insight...

in that case, why not just dab with a drop of superglue? You can break off the parts later and can reuse the components without cleanup. Solder and hot glue do not mix, I know. If all you have is hot glue, I don't think a dab will hurt the components, no need to encase it all in a blob. Put a just a spot of glue down to tack the part. A little dab will do ya.

I guess i could use either superglue or hot glue... Which one whould you use...???

I would like it to be more permanent than what a tape would provide... I know soldiering would be the best option but I really think either superglue or hot glue would be best over time... Thanks for the suggestions and I would like to hear if you have any more...