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Breathing Lamp Answered

Hi, does anyone know where to get a lamp that automatically dims on and off continuously or any suggestions with how to make one? I'm working on an installation project for a human scale lamp that looks like it is breathing. Thanks, Heidi


ich bin ein pyro

11 years ago

i could never sleep with a breathing lamp butmaybe an ajustable power supply?


11 years ago

I have never seen one but you could try:
-modding a light dimmer so that the knob is attached to an arm, then just have the sprung arm run along a cam slowly rotated by a motor (you would have to hide all this somewhere though, so maybe not so practical).

-programming a chip to do it, I hear that basic stamps are quite good, and I see some good things done with the MAKE controller, I use a 16f627 chip myself, mainly because I acquired the programmer in a clearance sale (I am a skint student after all), you would need to look up digital to analogue conversion, but its not too hard.

-use something like a 555 timer to provide a regular pulse, and then use transistors and capacitors (as a flip flop perhaps?) to get it to fade in and out. You would probably want to use LED's with this, just because it’s closer to the operating voltage of the components that you would be working with.

-you could try to mounting a motor into the body of the installation, which as the motor and gears slowly spin covers up and reveals the bulb (with something non transparent) then around that put a diffuser so it just appears to be dimming and glowing (rather than movement). The problem with this of course is that you would probably need to hide the mechanics, and it would probably make a whirring noise too.

Hope this is useful to you,