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Broken LCD televisions - Is there anything salvageable? Answered

Hi. My 1st time viewiing this site.  You creative folk out there are AMAZING. I'm a grandma who has no technical training but am fascinated with what can be created by the human mind. I have a 32" and a 19" LCD TV. The 32" was water damaged and the 19" fell over on a brunt object .  The picture on the 32 is filled with stripes and blogs.  The 19" has 3/4 of viewing area - unviewable.  Should I save anything or just get rid of them properly? I used to save the old fashioned small appliances and stuff that got broken for my sons to take apart.  Thats too dangerous nowadays.



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1.  Welcome to instructables!  Congratulations on joining, posting a real 'thinker' question, and using actual punctuation and grammar!  Woot!

I would highly recommend taking them apart just to learn the parts inside.  This kind of hands-on knowledge is invaluable to a learning up-and-coming electronics tinkerer :D

There are some parts inside that could be of use:  Power cords, supplies, video connectors (rca, hdmi), buttons, backlight electronics (probably cfl tubes)
Countless screws, connectors, and maybe even some salvagable passive components.

Make sure when you're done to recycle whats left!

Man, I hate it when screens get full of blogs.
It is not dangerous to take them apart if you have the right tools and they aren't plugged in to the wall. Oh, and also avoid contact with the capacitors. Taking them apart will help you figure out exactly what's broken in them and what is still perfectly fine. And, as Alex said, people will shell out the bucks for those working parts if you can't find a use for them.

Duhhh -  yep  ....I'm gonna avoid those "capacitors" just as soon as I find out what they look  like (duhhhh).  Thanks for your reply.  Yall are awesome.

 In addition to the mercury-vapor lamps, I would salvage the polarizing filter and the diffusing filters. The polarizer can be used for improving outdoor photography, among other things, and the diffusing filters could be used in window decorations or laser projects.

Wow  - " diffusing filters" to "window decorations" to "LASER PROJECTS" !!
I'm impressed......ignorant, but impressed.........  I wish I knew enough to play with you big guys !!  How in the world.......what kind of laser projects ??     

you can sell those TVs on ebay for replacement parts

Selling stuff on e-bay isn't as easy as 1-2-3...

Step 1: Post item on ebay
Step 2: Ship item
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Profit!

From scratch....

She probably doesn't want to enter a credit card, which means they have to send money...