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Broken Laptop... Answered

I got a broken laptop, what can I make from it??


Well I'm not sure what's broken, just got it from a friend who says after 10 years it won't turn on anymore. It's not the battery...maybe i should take it apart and see what is up with this machine

computers have a small backup battery (usually cr2032) it its dead the computer may not power up

If the battery and power supply are fine, something inside like a chip or board could have died. If thats the case you would have to replace it, or just strip for parts. If its something with the software I can help.

describe in DETAIL what doesn't work, and what does...

A picture frame could be a good project, considering that you can play movies and other functions depending on the laptop.

Here are two instructables:
Frame 1
Frame 2

It could be the power jack?

Depends on what's broken. Look at what works and do some I'bles or Google searches for projects using those parts. Google Is Your Friend.