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Broken Mouse Answered

My mouse for my PC broke!!!! I am on my wii typing all this up. I need a way to get around on my computer (xp) with out a mouse for a few days. Any thoughts our ideas... Any way to turn a keyboard into a mouse?? I have tons of those laying around.


yes,i have experient that. so
If you have a defective mouse. Do not be thrown away once.
a neat store. might one day need them again.
If you have previously purchased a mouse but is now broken.
search was over and grab the components can be reused.
replace the faulty mouse with a component that can still be used earlier.

I experienced frequent cases are frequently broken axle mouse.
I do not discard the mouse. but take the glue for gluing the axis.
if the damage can not be glued. I took my mouse is broken.
take the wheels are still good and I use the mouse wheel to replace the broken shaft was.

Ctrl-Tab and Alt-Tab to move around a bit, depending on keyboard there may be a key near the right-side Win key that works as the right-click. Then there's just learning lots of shortcut keys, Alt to get to the toolbar, etc. Frustrating, yes.

How is the mouse broke? Smashed broke? My left button stopped working on one, I opened it up, unsoldered the left switch, unsoldered the center button switch (didn't use it), stuck center on left and resoldered. Still works. Where the cable goes into the mouse the little wires inside can break from all the flexing, I've removed the damaged part, some wire stripping and soldering, put it all back together and had it work fine. If it's wireless you're own your own for that. Tell us how it is broke and maybe we can say how to fix it.

(Sure hope it's not a USB mouse and the USB on the mobo died...)

Yeah it is usb....but my keyboard witch is also usb works fine... The mouse started phasing out it would work for a while then it wouldn't. Then it just stoped working completly.

Is it a wireless mouse? One of the infrared types?

that might have a dead battery...

??? You mean it has a cord and is an optical mouse (no ball), or doesn't have a cord but is infrared, prefers to have a clear line-of-sight to the receiver at the PC, or... No cord is wireless, and infrared is the normal wireless type, thus confusion.

So underneath there is no ball but there is a window for an LED and detector and that's how the mouse detects movement?


Maybe the IR LED died. They can do that. But before giving up, where is it connected? Is it at a USB port at the back of the computer, perhaps the front, maybe a port on the USB keyboard? The best attachment place would be at the rear since those connectors are on the mobo, front ones have wires in the case attaching them to the mobo and a keyboard port would be using daisy-chaining, which ain't as "trouble free" as may be thought.

So make sure it is plugged in at the back, then check if Windoze knows it's there. On mine that's start - settings - control panel - system - device manager (whew, need to catch my breath), see if "mouse" is on the list. If so and it still doesn't work, delete all mouse listings, reboot, force a re-install. Windoze should notice it, if not you might have to "Add New Hardware."

This ain't the old days of the serial port mouse, and I like my PS/2 mouse connector. The USB ones are relying on an OS-implemented subsystem to recognize and handle USB devices, which is supposed to be trouble free. Of course when USB came out there was supposed to be a new wave of devices, printers and scanners and more, that could all be daisy-chained and draw all their power right from the USB system. Well we saw how that turned out.

If you have lots of USB things you could be getting resource conflicts, bandwidth issues, and your lowly low-priority mouse left to suffer. Did the mouse come with a USB to PS/2 adapter? Try it, see if Windoze likes your mouse again then.

The led is not dead i tested that... and it is conected directly to the mobo. I and going to dig out an old ps/2 keyboard and see if i can get around on windows with it and try some of the things you suggested. Random tought...what time is it where you live??

Carson Daly is on therefore it's late, but I've been off-sync with "normal" for quite some time now, I'll be online awhile longer. Make sure it's the right PS/2 connector, really got to squint sometimes to make out the correct one.

Central???? I went digging for the keyboard and found my old usb mouse that came with my old g3 IMac... It only has one button and is shapped funny but it will get the job done untill i can get a new mouse. I think that i will end up just staying on my tv tough.... The internet full size like that is rather cool.

. Start:All Programs:Accessories:Accessibility:On-Screen Keyboard

. Start:All Programs:Accessories:Accessibility:On-Screen Keyboard
If installed. For WinME: Start -> Settings -> Add/Remove Programs -> Windows Setup (tab) -> Accessibility, select as needed.

And, umm, offhand it looks like that's for when you have a mouse but have problems using a keyboard...

It is quite fun having instrucables on my Tv..... as well as the rest of the wonderful internet.ca