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Broken Nintento DS fat BOTH hinges Answered

I have a silver original DS fat and the right hinge (looking at it from a playing view) originally broke but I could deal with the odd angle. Now, the left hinge broke as well and the screen has the capability to completely twist around (see pic). The system turns on and the top screen still has power but it remains blank (see pic). If you have any idea on how to fix this and also a place to purchase a shell, which I am guessing it would require, that'd be great. Thank you!


You have two problems: the hinge one the right is broken, and the flexible cable on the left has snapped.

You need to buy a new housing and a new LCD flex cable. Replace those two and you'll be running like new in no time.


7 years ago

idk. try ebay. else use some tapes or super glue. by the way did the connecter film got damaged

I do not think it did. But now that you say it that may be the cause of the blank screen on top. what do you think?

so it seems that the power cable was not damage. just buy a conector film replacement.