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Broken ibook what to do? Answered

Ok, so the logic board died on my old g3 800mhz ibook. I've since bought a new macbook and wanted to do something interesting and constructive with the ibook. Give me some ideas....Thanks.


Was is an Apple Tech that told you the motherboard died? The most common fault that causes iBooks to fail are the power converter board at about $35 to replace. Without the motherboard, there's not much you can do with an old notebook computer, no mater what the brand. Other than repairing it, your best bet is to sell it ASIS on eBay. You'll get at least $100 from it.

Yeah, I went through about five genius bars to figure out what went wrong. But, there's no way I could use the screen or anything for something fun?

The screen alone should sell on eBay for almost $100. If you really wanted to, you could tear it apart for various interesting textured plastic sheets, but I'd only do that with a broken screen. Another option would be to buy a broken screen iBook of the same model on eBay and cannibalize them to build one good working iBook. Not only would you recover your iBook back, but gain another hard drive, CD/DVD recorder and/or player, power supply, battery, extra memory and perhaps a few programs you didn't have before. (Don't forget those neat plastic sheets from the broken LCD!)