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Broken laptop power plug, is there a way to charge it. With out using that plug??????? Answered

Broken laptop power plug, is there  a way to charge it. With out using that plug. I've taken it apart and went to solder it but theres a little (chip) thing behind it loose. I can't  afford to take it in right now, was hoping to find a trick to charging it. Like usb, ethernet jack,???? something..

Thank you very much for looking...


If you dis-assembled the case and got to the broken connections... that is 90% of fixing it. If the board cant be re-soldered to the connector, I would just run a RED wire and a BLACK wire out of the laptop from the connector PLUS and MINUS solder spot. Then make a connector that kind of "hangs out" of the laptop charge-jack-hole. Plug in the charger and you are going again. You must be sure to connect each pin of the plug to the exact spot it came from. It is also wise to include a kind of "strain-relief" to the wire hanging out of the laptop. This protects from the wire getting PULLED... so it doesn't pull out of the case. My solution might not LOOK prettty... but it will cost you zero bucks. If the laptop is sufficiently OLD... it isnt worth taking to the repair depot anyway. It is your call if youwant your laptop to look pretty or if you want to save money. The little "chip" you mention that is loose might be a problem if it is a diode. However, it is likely just a small capacitor that keeps noise off of the wire. It will charge OK without that part. Solder it back if you can. Leave it OUT if you cant. If it is a DIODE, be sure to solder it back with the same polarity ... it will not work if you install it backwards.

Sorry, no. The circuitry isn't set up to run backward. To charge the battery, you do need to use the appropriate power input.

+1. If the chip is loose, you may get away with resoldering the legs down, and CAREFULLY jumpering onto the motherboard's charging circuit (if the barrel connector is broken)