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Broken psp screen! Must see! Answered

Hey, hows your day going? great? Mine is horrible! My psp screen broke, and tomorrow i have to sit in a car for 8 hours! Timing could not be worse! Mind taking a look? i think just the screen is broken, but not the motherboard, what do you think?


about the PSP being hardy well.....I brought mine in the shower

how did it stand up, I dropped mine in a pool. It stayed down there for like a half an hour before I noticed. I fished it out, dried it out and it still works fine 1.5 yrs later

i had the same story with a thinkpad laptop :D and it works too (writing from it now) needed to take apart everything and open the LCD panel inside to dry

ya, i've got mine wet too, it was wierd for like a day, then it turned back to normal

does it still have the warranty? If not, call playstation and complain, they might send you a new one, or they might send some money.

how long ago, i think the warranty transfers from person to person, my cell phone does

You *might* be able to buy a replacement screen from Sparkfun... if you're still having the problem. I don't really reccomend it, though. Google around abit first ;-)

99.9% its the screen, If it was the motherboard you wouldn't have that chuck of working screen on the left. Screens are cheap on ebay Hope that helps, Joe (P.S. Whats better a cheaper screen with a dead pixel or two or no screen at all!)

That is not a nice thing to say...

:S It's a PSP for pete sake.

ok, how many instructables have you posted? 0

That stinks. But it's ok... my DS got stolen the other day, so we're even.

It looks like the screen is fine, no cracks... I don't think you "broke" the screen, but badly damaged its computer system that controls the screen image...

ya, i wish i could change out the little ribbon that connects the screen, (actual pixel matrix) and the ribbon that connects to the mobo, but you can't change it

Apparently you have already taken the liberty of taking it apart! Congratulations! You might be able to pick up a spare screen. I know that I was able to find a screen for my DS, was about to buy one, but then my DS got lost... (the bottom screen was heavily scratched). Try dealextreme.com

ya, i checked dealextreme, it's like $40, i LOVE that website! i want to know if only the screen is damaged, and not the motherboard

That's what's wrong with the PSP, it wasn't built for floor dropping.

Psh, sony, not designing products for being dropped, i hope they get sued... lol

also keep it away from immediate relatives, they break em' too

also keep them away from high levels of humidity, dust, oil from fingerprints (as they will eat away at the plastic) and heavy usage yes PSPs are hardy

especially when you take em' apart! you have to blast the screen with air just as you are screwing the faceplate on

Do you not know how to use the macro mode mate?

It's just one more button push, probably the left scroll button on your d-pad, correct?

I've been through two different models of fujifilm in the past while, while quite different in appearance, they still have a relatively similar button layout. The fuji I got now has two magnifications of macro, not including the optical zoom.

Yeah, assuming he used a Fuji, Canon, or Olympus, the macro button probably is the left button on the D-pad.

If we assume.

Just hypothetically.