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Bronze Rubiks Cube - Heavy and Functional Answered

This Rubik's Cube is made out of bronze and can be used just like a regular Rubik's Cube even if there's no difference of the faces to try and solve. So even if it's "useless" it's still a lovely item and an impressive build.



brail color names for the pattern.

I guess, if you really wanted to (so as not to mar the Brass features too much) you could place a color dot on each face to make it "a more challenging solve"  :-) 

Maybe an engraved texture, or brazed-on wire patterns would be appropriate?

Of course,  now why didn't I think of that?  (stuck on color squares I guess).

Or maybe different types of mineral plates. like gold ,(bronze) ,copper ,silver ,steel , aluminum , ivory.

There you go,  one could even use the alchemist's symbol for each "metal" made of the metal it stands for.

Well, this one should be pretty easy to solve! =) 


8 years ago

 It looks like it could use some lubricant!

Yes, I like it.
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Pretty neat! I'd want to see one made of gold. ;-)

Find a REALLY cheap one at a garage sale or something, and take it apart.  They are deceptively simple inside

How heavy is it?

 I was just wondering... 
1) Can u solve the rubiks cube
2) Do you have stickers