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Brooklyn Science Fair: Clean Energy (Submissions) Answered

Bushwick Project for the Arts in Brooklyn is a ~3500 sq. ft. art space off the Montose L stop in Bushwick, and we are putting together a "science fair" for adults. Basically we want to get some people to use our space to demonstrate ways that city folk can help the environment on a day to day basis. All of us here at the space have been really saddened by what's happened in the gulf and wanted to have a positive event to focus on clean and renewable energy. We're looking for folks to submit ideas for installations, demonstrations, films, presentations, or whatever you've got or do. The event is going to be on Saturday, June 26th and will most likely start early evening. Send me an email if you're interested... wesmarcarelli@gmail.com



8 years ago

Sounds interesting, but sadly on such short notice, I can not rearrange vacation time to allow me to be there.


Reply 8 years ago

Same, lol I don't have enough money either...