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Brushless motor not running,help needed..!!! Answered

I have Turnigy 2836, 2350Kv outrunner connected to Hobbyking 40A SBEC ,Rhino 1550mAh 3S 20c Lipoly Battery and a Hobbyking servo tester to control the motor .when i try to start it makes two beep sound, vibrates and turns off.it was perfectly running last time i checked .which components' fault is this???

and how to check lipoly's voltage and current?can i use normal multimeter?

thanks for the suggestion....


The ESC's are in failsafe mode. The ESC is seeing a throttle signal that is not idle. Try calibrating the ESC's, then turning them on.

You can only "check the current", when its connected and running the motor. What voltage have you got on the battery when the motor is connected ?