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Brushless motor upgrade for exceed?? Answered

I have an exceed sunfire buggy 1/10th and I am planning on getting a brushless upgrade. I don't know if the battery and car itself can handle the one i want. I have a 7.2v 4200mahNiMh battery pack and the motor I  want to get is a 5.5T 6000kv motor. I was wondering if anyone knew if my car could handle that. If it couldn't, would a 8.5T 4000kv motor be better? And how fast would the second motor go? Please comment soon if you know anything about these motors.


I think the motors have different limits

the 4000kv has more torque

the 6000kv has more rmps

it depends on the gearing of your car, the aerodynamics of it, and other factors

It think your battery can handle it

Yes I already dd the calculations

4000 takes up to 9.6 volts and more torque

6000 takes up to 7.2 volds and more speed.

I did the calculations and figured the 6000 goes 45mph and the other goes about 35 mph.

I already did all the calculations what I'm asking is if you thing my battery and the car itself like the gears could handle it.

don't worry about the battery, it can handle it

if the gears are stock, then i don't see a problem

Okay thanks just one more question

What do the timings do? Like how you can program the esc and ther'sdifferent timings like 0.0 and 2.5 all the way up to i think 15.0?

should get this

Either one of these should work just fine.  Less run time probably than what you have now but maybe not much less.

What you will have is more control problems because these are probably alot more powerful than what you have now and the wheels are going to break loose easier.

You'll probably have to replace the esc.  I don't think the stock one is up to handling the extra power.

I'm buying a package from nitrorcx.com for $100 which includes the brushless motor, the brushless 60A esc, and a program card.

What I need to know is if the battery and car's gears and stuff can handle the 6000kv or if I should stick with the 4000kv.