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Brushless motor? Answered

I have a 300 watt 2212 brushless motor, my question is whether i can reduce it, to use it for an e-bike?

Is it possible to generate enough torque?



Best Answer 7 months ago

After some research, all I could find was this video of someone who tried it:

In the comments they say it was ultimately not sizeable enough to really work.

I am honestly not too familiar with these motors, but my best guess is that this type of motor gives you a lot of speed, but it probably does not give enough torque for this application.

Thanks, i get it maybe should use a larger one.

Have you considered using a planetary gearbox from a cordless drill?
A big torque increase and speed reduction in a very compact cheap gearbox

ive seen people use it, but it defeats my purpose. im looking to go for chain drive.

If you have two or three... it may work. Calculate the friction that your weight on a bike would give. Then, calculate the amount of motors to install.

thats a motor too many. it ends up as a very inefficient setup