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Bubble machine request Answered

i would like to know if some knows how to build a bubble machine its for my neace
Its so i dont have to buy one that will break within a few minuts on using it.
contact me at [http://genhavoc481@yahoo.com GeneralHavoc481]


A real bubble machine's a bit more than that Pooh Bear device. They also tend to be very inexpensive. Here's one on Ebay. If you really want to build your own, look at the picture on Ebay. It should give you some ideas.

That machine is the same concept, just with more wands. Wands rotate around, dip into the soap, and then pass over the blower.

i salvaged two moters from a broken cd player i had for the fan do you think that would work? i also made the fan blades with a cd and does what i want it to do i made it to where the air blows from the side of the blades, and i gave some more strength with ducktape for the blades, and you i mad eshure it was balanced

As long as it's strong enough, it will be fine. You may, however, have to make a funnel to keep the air where you want it.

the thing is that I would like to use that style of setup, i just dont have the money to buy a new bubble machine from a store , that why i i wa asking for some ideas and some help from you guys oh and the machine thats on ebay is around the same price as a new one from a store.

It's not too hard, i used to have a pooh bear one when I was younger. All it consisted of was a fan near the mouth, a honey pot to hold the bubbles, and his arm would go up and down from the pot to his mouth. In other words, making a rotating bubble blower go in and out of a reservoir, over to a fan (all the air coming out of ones mall hole)

so what woud i need and would you know wher i could get the parts for them? a mini fan a small tub the circle wand things a small moter what else yould you say

That's kind of all of it. The motor should be really slow. Maybe try a disassembled AA battery powered dial clock as the motor with the seconds hand replaced by maybe 4 or 6 thin wire loops. (I'm not sure if the clocks are strong enough to push through in the liquid.)

. You'll some gears to slow down the arm as well. Also, you need something to attach the wand to the motor. It needs to be about 1-1.5 inches, so that it will rotate around from the reservoir to the fan, back down to the reservoir. Otherwise, I think that's it. Just an assembly for it all.