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Budget for Zombie FX? Answered

Hallloo. I am trying to come up with a budget for make-up and gore FX for a decently funded Zombie movie. Usually I work with an existing budget, and I've never done anything this extensive. There are 8 dessicated zombies, a few of their heads explode, one human head is destroyed with a sledgehammer, drill-bit in the eye, that kind of thing. Any advice, past experiences, memoirs, etc. would be wonderful. I'm a sculptor by training, so that's how I'm looking at this project. Like gross kinetic sculptures. Yikes, and away!


That sounds like my kind of fun!

A few years ago Halloweenforum.com did a $20 prop challenge. You had 20 bucks to spend plus whatever you could scrounge - scrounged items had to be something anyone could reasonably find on a curb and not something they were - wink wink - throwing away at work. A couple of the entries were so impressive that I assumed they scrounged a dead guy from somewhere. Mostly it was paper mache and things like bits of wood and garden hose.


10 years ago

Do a couple of searches as well. Here are the results for blood to get you started.

I'd definitely love to see some pictures/Slideshows/Instructables of what you end up doing for the special effects!