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Budweiser Taps The Maker Community Answered

One of our favorite authors here on the site is Hellboy. In case you've missed out on his Instructables before, I highly highly recommend you check them out. He does awesome stuff with nixie tubes. If you don't know what nixie tubes are, they're really nice old-school glowing numbers. Totally worth it.

So when we were approached by Budweiser Project Twelve looking for an awesome author to feature, we pointed them to Hellboy and a few others and they fell in love with his style. Be sure to see Hellboy’s American Makers photo essay and learn how he makes his amazing creations.  

What's this Budweiser Project Twelve thing? It's a project run by Budweiser where they're breaking out of their typical style of beer-making by asking their 12 brewmasters across the USA to create all-new beer recipes that stay true to Budweiser’s heritage but also reflect their part of the country. Three of them were picked to be included in a special variety pack. For the launch of their Project Twelve beers, Budweiser has created a program called American Makers - a series of photo essays that celebrates ingenuity across the country.

While I'm not much of a Beer drinker (I like bourbon, neat) it's nice to see focus being put on the creators. If we had time, we'd do Featured Author pieces on everyone. There's always the dream.



Maybe I am a little slow but how can I find Hellboy's instructables?? I really want to see his stuff but cannot find a search "user" function???

A good way to find the Instructables of any member author is to use your favorite search engine with the string (for example).

The string did not come over. It is: Instructables member jskingry (or any other member name).

Hellboy's a hard one because there are lot of projects named that.

If you know a username the addresses for member pages are simple - https://www.instructables.com/member/jskingry/ - that's you... https://www.instructables.com/member/hellboy/ - hellboy

(It would be even better to be able to search for users again...)