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Bug? Or silliness? Answered

I don't know if it's a bug, or if somebody's been "quiet bumping" old threads, but when I click the second page of forum topics, most of them are 2 years old.



9 years ago

This was a problem happening on only one of our production servers, which is why it happened sometimes and not others. I believe it is fixed now, but please continue to comment here if you see it again.

...and when I look at "recent" instructables, they're all a year or two old.


You weren't the only one to notice this, but I assumed someone would have already posted a topic in bugs - who was first you or The Jamalam?
I also noticed that some of these had been removed, so shouldn't have turned up at all...


I didn't realise his report was the same - I saw knex and sort of tuned out.

) It seems to be, and it's annoying me 'cos it seems to be everywhere at the moment. L

I believe the expression is "word".

Haha, you handle today's slang gingerly and with a pair of pliers held at arm's length - in other words, not terribly gracefully. :-D

Yes I know, which is why I don't pretend to be 20 years younger than I am... L

Why, that sounded like an accusation! Very well then, I'll go back to the slang of your day! Do you quarrel, sir?!

Oops. No I was referring only to myself, as in if I did bother to learn the stuff and use it I would be acting like someone I'm not. But I can't so I don't & vice versa. L

(That last comment of Lithium's was a joke...)

Or was it? I can read that as an accusation.
Perhaps I should have just commented "LOL" 6 hrs ago...


When she starts with cod colonialisms, she's poking fun at elderly Brits (I should know!). Maybe I just know her better than you?

Maybe you do, but I can still read my comment as an accusation and I didn't want to risk it being interpreted as one. (Thanks though) L

I think, somehow, she's scoring points off the pair of us.

which one of us is in the lead?

I think we're both losing, even though she doesn't seem to be here...

Gracious me - I can't spend one evening with a friend away from the internets without you two going nuts! :P

Yes, Lemonie, that was a joke. And you missed a chance to one-up me with superior Shakespeare knowledge. :P

And Kiteman's in the lead. :D

I get that, the forums thing doesn't happen though.

Yea I have noticed this with the recent Instructables. The other day I clicked on the recent tab, and I saw Instructables (even one of my own) which were fairly old.

:/ What's up with that, I can't see any recent 'ibles. This is weird.

We had this problem before, ive sent a PM to rachel so she knows.

It seems to be affecting the whole database. "Recent" questions are all a couple of months old (i.e., when Answers was launched), as are "recent" I'bles. I suspect that we're stuck with this until Monday.