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Bug Report - Ratings do not show up in Firefox or Chrome Answered

There seems to be a bug with the ratings system. I am runing the current version of Ubuntu (11.10) on an Asus U56E-BBL5, and the ratings do not work in either Firefox 9.0.1, Google Chrome 16.0.912.77, or Firefox 10 beta. I have been experiencing this problem since early January, and I have attached a few screenshots to show what is happening.



I'm finding the rating stars are on some pages but not others. I'm using IE and Firefox.

Make sure you're not running any add-ons that would inhibit the page from loading properly (like ad-blocker), then clear your cache and reload the page.

This should be fixed on the next release.

They still seem to be non-functioning...
Any ideas when this will be fixed?

I believe the staff is aware of this one. I've noticed the same thing with other browsers as well. By no means is this a cure, but I find that if you reload the page (sometimes several times), it may load for you... Unfortunately that is a little hit or miss, but it's the only thing that has the potential of working until they get this bug fixed.