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Bug: embedded YouTube videos on iPad Answered

YouTube videos imbedded on instructible pages only provide audio.  The video is black but the audio plays as expected.  The pause stop and play function work normally.  Just a black video with sound.  Imbedded videos work on other sites like Make, hackaday, and hacked gadgets.

I assumed it could just be my iPad, but I just did a restore to factory setting and am in the process of reloading data and apps when I noticed the videos still don't work.





6 years ago

A quick Google search for "embed YouTube on iPad", combined with some knowledge of how Instructables handles embedded video, reveals the problem.

The I'ble backend system can only handle videos embedded using the "old style" code from YouTube. That old-style code apparently (from reading some of the Gooble results) uses Adobe Flash to drive
the video in a platform-independent way.

YouTube's "new style" embedding code doesn't use Flash as the engine, and so would work on iPads and other iOS devices. However, the new-style embedding doesn't work with Instructable's software.

So for the moment, you're hosed :-( It's not obvious which immovable object (Apple's anti-Flash stance, or Instructable's tiny software-development staff) is going to change first...

Lithium Rainkelseymh

Reply 6 years ago

TL;DR, heck will freeze over before this feature works for you.