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Bug zapper to charger coil gun capacitor banks? Answered

 I took apart a bug zapper hooked it up to my multimeter and got 1500VDC . I'm currently using camera flash circuits to charge my banks. the bug zapper  wont charge them, how come?

I would only have it on for a second and its a very small converter circuit.

Capacitor banks= 330v 120uf 




8 years ago

what kind of bug zapper is it? hand held or plug in? 1. If it is plug in it could be that it is rectified, meaning it is AC output. You can build your own rectifier. 2. If it is hand held it could be that the wires are not hooked up the right way or that the circuit is damaged. (A new one at walmart costs about $7. ) 3. Your capacitor could have a short, and you need to replace it. Good luck...


8 years ago

First you shouldn't be charging a 330 volt cap. with a 1500 volt power supply.  That sometimes causes things to smoke, pop or melt.  You may have already shorted out your cap.  That might be why you can't charge it.  Have you tried using it on the old charger after the 1500 v. one?

The 1500 v. supply may not have the current to charge the cap.  An empty cap looks like a short until it starts charging and then the resistance rises until full.  When it was empty the 1500 v. supply may have just shut down thinking it was shorted.  I can see that it may the bug zapper had short circuit protection incase a bug really shorted out the grid.

Do some more checking and see what you come up with.