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Build Night LEDs at Numurkah Secondary College Answered

Numurkah Secondary College hosted is first ever Instructables build Night, featuring LEDs. A fun night was had by all, making different projects, playing with the laser cutter, 3d printer, vinyl cutter and attaching LEDs to everything including small children. Throwies were a very popular project, also a couple of sound modulators were build on the night, and a chaser that was designed for florescent tubes was converted to LEDs.  The monkey Light, and blinking faux neon signs were a hit will the little kids, and big kids alike.
Thanks to Instructables for supplying the LEDs and batterys and also to Instructables member 'motoring'  for organising the night.


Thanks danger it was a great night. "motoring " is in the process of writing 2 instructables for the night, but he broke his arm, so it could take a while he's typing with on finger.


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