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Build Night Recap. Answered

It's very hot here today in Instructables World HQ, so, for fear that too much thinking may melt my brain, I'll keep the build night recap short and sweet. Below are the picture from a very Robot-licious Build Night. Also! This Sunday in Dolores Park at 2 a group of people will be constructing a massive robot sculpture. Be there or be analog! (A special thanks goes out to all of you on the webcam telling me to hit myself. )



10 years ago

Much fun was had by all. Thanks for letting us peek in remotely!

On the webcam, we had westfw, CameronSS, GorillazMiko, T3h_Muffinator and friend Cathy, and myself. Hm... I have a feeling I missed one or two more?

Couple of ideas for next time:

- We could really have used one of these... the webcam was kinda pointing towards the edge of the room for much of the time. Flying around the room with Randy was fun though! ;-)

- Likewise, I think the mike was a little far from the action - the sound kept cutting out. A mike on the central table would have picked up much more of the conversation. Also, I assume the mike was in "voice-activated" mode - should be possible to have it always on even if the volume is low.

- Hooking the chat into a voice synthesizer at the Instructables HQ would allow the remote people to interact much more directly. :-)

But who would control the direction of the camera? i could be on request, like there is a que and you get to control direction for 30 seconds or something, that way people couldn't just point it at a wall *cough*coolz*cough* lol jk

I missed the web cam! I saw it on the forums the day after. UGH!!!

Oh well. Sounds like loads of fun... Maybe I'll catch the next one?

Sounds like it was a great time :-)

Is Billy's guacamole recipe up on the site? If, not, it should be. That stuff was bangin'.

Cool! And finally, a chance for a glimpse at the new office. (Unless I missed a previous post)