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Build Party, 3/7/08 Answered

Projects from march seventh, 2008. The MIT Electronic Research Society does it again! Michael chops his bike! Amy makes a passive-dynamic walker! Two fluid dynamics grad students in a homemade-boat competition! Welding! The new lathe tools in action!



10 years ago

Whoa, I miss one building party, and look at all the cool stuff that got made!

Amy makes a passive-dynamic walker...

Is that fourth picture the finished thing?

Would I be correct in assuming a "passive-dynamic walker" has no motor, but walks when pushed or pulled?

Please, can you ask Amy to publish an 'ible? (Preferably without requiring a milling machine or a lathe. Maybe a drill. Or a knife.)

That is not the finished project, there are lower leg segments not shown. The walker actually doesn't work (when the knees are allowed to pivot), which is expected since it's design was based completely on a couple videos I found online. With the knees fixed, the walker will take a few steps on a slight incline with carefully placed "stepping stones" which allows the non-weight-bearing legs during that particular phase of gait to swing freely without touching the walking surface. I definitely plan to make improvements to my current design, and possibly talk to some people who actually know what they are doing when it comes to passive movement. However, when I do come across something that works reasonably well, I will probably publish something online. Stay tuned! and thanks for the interest.

Aww, lucky! I can't wait till i can get a decent welder. Looked like fun, hope I can get into to mit

I have a 100 amp electric welder I can let go for cheap LOL (I am kidding, I mean, I do have the welder, and I can't really use it right now, but I plan to one day).

Seriously though, I haven't had the opportunity to fire it up a second time since I moved here, where I am, so I am not even sure the thing still works (that was nearly 20 years ago). *sigh*.

I know what you mean. Even if I get one I wouldn't be able to use it here. Your story sort of reminds me of my bobcat.

Getting it isn't a problem, having a place to use it is. Hopefully I'll start building my house this summer, and then I'll get one.

Yeah, that is my problem too. Not only "where" to use it, but in my case, "how"; since my current place of residence will not support the needed "20+ amps" it would need to draw on. I would strike an arc and poof, no power as breakers blew......old buildings can be frustrating.