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Build a Glucose Meter Answered

Hello I am trying to build a glucose meter but have no idea where to start. I will use an arduino mega 1280. Does anyone know where I can find instructions to build a glucose meter ? So far I have been able to get a very high level idea from : http://www.eetimes.com/design/test-and-measurement/4204495/Blood-Glucose-Meter-Design. Any information, even if its just information on how to achieve a particular module from the design listed above will greatly be appreciated ! Thanks !


I am all for trying to build something from scratch but why are you trying to reinvent the wheel? This is one of those things where medical supply companies have spent millions in research and development to create and manufacture a relatively inexpensive medical grade approved for human use device that would be difficult to reproduce as a DIY thing. The chemical detection process was outlined in that link and I'm sure you can do some basic experiments to replicate that but it would be hard pressed to develop an accurate blood glucose meter that some manufacturers or health plans give away for free.

Hello caitlinsdad, I am not trying to reinvent the wheel completely. I am not concern in designing or building a test strip, but rather build the glucose meter which reads the test strip. My intention is to use a test strip from any manufacturer and have my my own glucose use it. I want to be able to convert that analog reading into a digital one. Any information on how to do this would be great !

I am then not sure what you are trying to do. Your article gives you everything you want to know about the three electrode sensor with permeable membrane to get the some kind of analog voltage reading. Some circuitry is required to convert analog to a digital value which the arduino can do. The problem is if you can build a sensor accurate enough or rip one out from an existing device to build your own backend glucose meter. I am not saying it can't be done, but a complex medical device to give accurate and reliable readings like this takes a lot of resources to develop.