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Build a Nintendo NES PC author hatsuli dies of cancer Answered

It is with great sadness that I share the news of hatsuli, author of the Build a Nintendo NES PC, dying this August. He suffered from cancer for almost two years. His mother wrote to tell me that he was a great fan of the site and visited it everyday.

hatsuli was a runner-up in the Use It Again! contest for his Nintendo PC, which is currently rated among the top 1% of all Instructables.



7 years ago

You people have no idea how wonderful I feel about your comments that keep coming to this page!
Hatsuli really lives forever.
He is in my thoughts every hour of every day.
Bless you all!

Hatsuli´s mom.

Hard to believe Hatsuli created such an amazing mod idea so many years ago.. where even today, communities like iCade and Raspberry Pi and countless others are still trying to perfect. This mod is a complete inspiration, and I plan to tackle it myself. What a great mind with such great execution! RIP Hatsuli.

God Bless Hatsuli, and RIP. (I just read his instuctable today, I wish the best for his family)

I've first heard of hatsuli's Instructible about a week ago or so, during the

“Awesome Games Done Quick” video games marathon, on Twitch, whose donations went to the Prevent Cancer Foundation (there's their website: preventcancer.org)

Reading this made my heart wrench. I am very sorry for what you have had to go through. Rest in peace Hatsuli, and may your mother find comfort.

Hatsuli inspired me to make a NES pc and I want to thank him for that. May he rest in peace!


5 years ago

RIP, Hatsuli.

God bless his soul...
Rest in peace, Hatsuli. you truly are the best.
My condolences to his family and friends.
Now if only there were workbenches in heaven...

My condolences to Hatsuli i saw his NES PC a while ago and was inspired i have to get around to building one now for sure for my little brother R.I.P Hatsuli

Knex master 123

Building a NES PC In his honor. May he find solace in the cosmic motherboard. RIP

My condolences, ever since he posted this i have had this on my mind. I thank him for his great ideas and i hope to finish one some day. I'll make my nes pc in his name.
May he rest in peace.


What a great contributor! Thanks for being here while you could Hatsuli!


6 years ago

while helping with my great grandma's estate sale I found an old NES, I will be honoring both their memories by building one of these.

I completed my NES PC a while ago after reading hatsuli instrucable. I am very sad to find out that he has died.
But he is surely like the NES we all cherish so much, immortal.


7 years ago

I'm fairly new to this site, and I wanted a nice summer project. I saw the NES pc tutorial and I wept in joy. Now, I find he died? May God bless thee and thy loved ones. You made a lot of gamers happy, man. RIP.

God bless him so he can make stuff up *sniff*

May God bless him...
Your amazing thoughts still live on to the future...
Rest In Peace

(silence) Tell his mom he rocked! I chated with him a bit, he was a good guy.

He surely did ! Thanks for your kind words. (Hatsuli's mom.)

I'm so sorry for you loss. He was such an amazing innovator, and we thank you for bringing him up the right way. May he Rest In Peace.

Thank you for your kind words. To be quite honest I cannot take any credit for what he was like. He just turned out to a wonderful young man, all I did was love him. I am so deeply impressed by your comments here. This world was something were were not part of. I mean I knew all his friends but the WWW. world was his alone. Now I get to know some of you and get to have a peak to this side of him. He was very talented in so many ways. Computer was only part of his life. He was a talented guitar player and did wonderfully in his studies. For some reason his life was meant to be this short but he seemed to have left a big foot print!

all I did was love him.

But that is what makes the most difference, you know?

sorry I came on this topic so late :-(..

Thank you for your kind words. And thank you for remembering hatsuli!

My friend just died from cancer :'( I'm so sorry for your loss

if everyone was like your son the polar caps wouldnt melt iam sorry for you that he died god bles him

thank you for your lovely words!

ive never heard of him, and have only seen his NES instructable but i bet he wouldve found a cure for cancer! R.I.P. .

He was my inspiration to join instructables which is a valuable site, his instructable showed me that a pc can be made out of anything

What I hate most, is that quite often, its of a person, who you just want to smile, sit back, and watch what they come up with next in life. Doesn't quite matter what the passion is doing, its just the true spark of creation: Science, Music, Art, Technology, and a truly unique creator, is a gift to us all. Its sad that he was lost so soon in life, to something as disgusting as cancer. I for one, have lost too many as it is in my life, from essentially the body malfunctioning. I deeply feel for the loss not only in terms of your family, and your son, but the loss of true raw potential.

i didnt realise this until after i wrote my comment on build a NES PC, im sorry for your loss and i wish you the best of luck in future. may he rest in peace

i feel really sorry for your loss i know wat it feels like. i am going to try and make that nes pc of his when i can get one. i hope hes in a better place

Not knowing Hatsuli, just from his instructable i can tell he was a very smart guy, you must be very proud. I'm sorry to hear he passed away, only seeing the comment left after i had read his instructable. It even brought a lump to my throat! I'm sorry that such a brilliantly minded person had to be taken so early in life, but he should know that his creations have become legend in my small group of friends! (We're such nerds sometimes) T3h_muffinator couldn't have put it better, May he rest in peace.


I am very saddened by the news of hatsuli's demise, but a bit of him lives on with this great instructable......

Part of me was sadend from the use of the nes as a pc. but its a great idea. and i did not know Hatsuli but it seamed like he had some great ideas and there are not enugh people that can do things like this. so i will take my old nes and pc it in his name. i am a father of 2 little boys and i may not know what your going through but the thought just kills me. please be strong i know he is still with you. R.I.P. thank you hatsuli and mamu.

8 years ago

Thats to bad. I loved his instrutabl nes PC. He"s the only person I ever subscribe to. still remember in 2010.

I come bearing potato cannon artillery. There is mayhem to be had on hatsuli's behalf.

Reported, and perpetrator contacted.

as i posted in his instructable...

rock on, hatsuli, we shalt not forget thee

 it was a great instructable rip

Wow.  I had just seen his 'Ible for the first time today, and was going to comment on how awesome it was, and how it's inspired me to do the same with one of my dead Atari 2600's.  :(  RIP man.


8 years ago


That's horrible!..... Is he the only member who has died?


8 years ago

Good journey, make sure heaven is fully tweaked before we join you.


9 years ago

my he respawn in a spawncamper-free zone