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Build a camcorder battery, cheap. Or a power plug for an existing battery pack, like a cordless drill. Answered

I need a battery, hacked or built, that delivers between 12-15v, for a camcorder that uses 18W then running. The longer the battery delivers the power, the better. Big thing? The battery has to be cheap - I'm putting the kit together on NO money - and easy. My electronics skills are limited to soldering wires on speakers and phone plugs. Did I mention, the battery should be cheap? I mean, really cheap?
Oh, and suggestions can include jury-rigging a plug for a power-tool battery that I can then wire into a cable terminating in a 4-pin XLR power plug.
As long as everything is free or cheap.
Yeah, I know. It ain't easy being a movie maker. Potentially.
Ideas can be sent to gwnwrite@mts.net.


Oddly small Lead acid batteries for alarm systems are remarkably cheap. The come in a small belt mountable size as well.

Thank you very much. Am I correct in thinking that alarm system batteries are not deep discharge? I am not certain why I think this. Perhaps I read it somewhere. I have been told that running a normal battery for several hours without recharging will damage the battery. You mention the size and weight. Can I get the required 18 watts from a small battery? Or would I have to consider series/parallel setups?

I run a former cordless drill from 2 of these batteries with no problem at all - Yes I need to charge them every week or so but that's not any bigger issue than charging the cordless drill was.

I use a standard car battery charger.

As long as you keep the SLED above 10.8 volts 11 volts to be sure you will not damage it.

As for deep discharge I guess not at this small size although they are intended for long term use with low charge levels and little maintenance.


Thank you very much. I am assembling a SLA battery pack, I have almost all of the components. The manager of the parts store, however, has recommended that I consider the power-tool batteries, as they are lighter and the power supply maintains an operating level above 11.5 V longer. That will come next, I suppose. So both of you are the best answer.

Use a 12v sla battery, some wire and connect it directly to the battery contacts on the camera. You'll need a sling for the battery and a charger. If you wire it up wrong your camera becomes a pretty paperweight. Put some sort of switch or polarized plug inline with the battery so you can disconnect it from the camera.

Thank you very much. The SLA battery sounds good. I would have to run wires off the terminals through a fuse and then into an XLR plug to fit the camera. Could I recharge through the XLR plug? If not, how would you suggest that I set up for charging?

The fuse is a great idea that I should have mentioned. You can charge thru the plug you just need a socket to fit on the charger.

Thank you for your time. I have started putting the materials together. I should be shooting next week.