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Build a small fan for a toyota forklift Answered

Need help building a small fan for a toyota propane powered forklift. Gets really hot in the warehouse and cant find a commercially available fan. the plug is really weird and isn't a 12 volt Any ideas


I's got a battery for the electric-start? Open it up and tell us what you have. You could "crodge" wires between the battery terminals and the connectors I think.


I'd get a meter and see how much voltage it is putting out. Then try and match a motor to that voltage. It's not as hard as it sounds, some motors like the ones in power tools and vacuum cleaners can run off AC or DC. If it's running at 36V you might be able to run a fan off it. I'm trying to think of the easiest motor to harvest and try. It might be a vacuum motor but that would depend on what you have available.

Connect directly to the battery with clips and a switch.

Trouble is might be a 36, 48, or some other ridiculous voltage coming out of the forklift - that said, the engine must have an electric starter, probably 12 or 24 volt...so ensure the fan is the right voltage.