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Build a spycam out of camera of old non working nokia phone? Answered

i hv an old nokia 2700 classic which the service centre guys say will not be feasible to repair as it will again show problems....so i wanted to take it apart and use its parts like camera/mic/speaker/gsm, etc.
I hv opened the set, disassembled till the motherboard gets separated from the set as shown in nokia dissemblng video....now i want to make a spy cam from the dig cam of the phone....pls help
i am nt an expert though i hv workd on various bread/vero board circuits and wanted to make this spycam thing...wanted help if any



I am removed a camera lens from a mobile motherboard. Now I want to make a spy camera by this lens. Please help me do this project and guide me properly in yours kindly. I hope everybody help me hopefully. Thanks.


I have an idea. May be you can reused a webcam camera. You can substitution CMOS sensor of the webcam camera with a phone camera. The webcam camera can be connected through a USB to a computer. In other hand, by this substitution, you can improve resolution of the webcam camera.

please if you reach how to use it without the mobile phone board tell me

how do cam ?

Each one is different is it a clone or the original clones have 4 connections to the camera two are power and two are video signal.

So how many leads are on the camera and trace them to source.

You connect the power to a 3 volt battery and the other leads to a video transmitter.

Other than that I would need a very good pick to help more.

I doubt that the camera is usable even if you were the engineer who designed it. The camera is integrated into the circuitry and depends on the mother board for coding/decoding, storing and transporting photos so there is less than 1% chance to us the camera without the phone attached and working.

If you can get the speaker and mic out without damaging them you can probably use them in another project.