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Build a wood greenhouse - Guide to build it - Answered

I built a wood greenhouse on my backyard.

Free guide:http://www.usa-gardening.com/greenhouse/greenhouse.html


Ok Jayefuu,

I understood your comments... i speak french usually, but trying to write in English. Hope i can help some peoples here with my building experiment. Thanks you for your advice, its constructive and appreciate.

It is a very nice greenhouse, although it seems that you're just using Instructables to drive traffic to your advertisment laden website. No-one here minds you presenting an Instructable and linking back to your website for further details, but just posting a picture and offering a free guide elsewhere isn't really in the spirit of the website.

From personal experience, you'll drive a lot more traffic to your website if you write an excellent and full Instructable. Getting it in the newsletter will net you 10K views on Instructables and increase the likelyhood it will be picked up by other blogs, further linking back to your site. It will also much improve your google search ranking if the Instructable is well written rather than just an image and a link.

For now I'm marking this topic as incomplete. You're not asking a question from the community and it's just a repeat of a rather empty Instructable you've already written.

Wow! Awesome work. I also like green houses outside the homes. I recently built my new home and now going to locate a greenhouse on the side of the home where it get maximum sunlight.

Could you create an instructable and share the details of your project?