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Build something for kids or adults for hand -eye coordination Answered

Hi,First post. I need to find out how to build a setup to help train for hand eye coordination.I was thinking a stand up type affair where the person using it had to reach out and touch a button or step on button( i say button but it would be something with a micro switch I imagine and a disk operating it,made out of a circular piece of wood or plastic.) That corresponded to a blinking colored light.When the colored light blinked the person has to react and press the corresponding colored button with their hand or foot.Something would have to keep score also. Something like a whack a mole game in an arcade except a lot less moving parts. If anyone has any ideas or has built something similar I could really use the help. Thank You


I'd really like to see a "Bop-It" or a "Simon Says" that has an integrated stun-gun to shock the loser. Not: not to be used in swimming pools!

People pay $0.50 apeice for a spider-stomp game. Less moving parts than whack-a-mole, but still rather involved if you're someone whose electrical projects tend to catch fire.

Hmm if you're just trying to improve your own hand eye co-ordination then juggle or learn some kind of skill/tricks that involve hand eye co-ordination, learning a varied range of things makes a big difference to the development of co-ordination though. If you're looking at something to interest people then you'd likely need a microprocessor at some point, to sequence the lights and buttons, though the commands for the program would be dead simple.