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Building 2 speakers and linking them to a home cinema amplifier, need some help Answered

1. For one speaker I'm linking 1 8 Ohm 8 Watt and 1 8 Ohm 5 Watt speakers, should I link them in series or parallel?

2. Do the speakers need any additional amplifiers?



8 years ago

1) What's the acceptable load resistance for the amp?

Two 8 ohm speakers in parallel will give you a 4 ohm load. Two in series is a 16 ohm load.

Read the amp specs--which (if any) of those two loads is recommended? (or within the acceptable range?)

No combination of two 8 ohm speakers will result in an 8 ohm load... You'll need more speakers in combination for that load. If an 8 ohm load is required.

In either combination (serial or parallel), they will handle more power than one speaker could alone. If they were identical, they'd have twice the power rating. Not identical--it's more complicated, since there impedances are also mismatched... Figure less then twice the power rating of the smaller speaker (8 or 9 watts total.)

2) No additional amplification is required unless you:
-- want / need more power
-- can't match that output load, and would rather buy an additional amp than more speakers.

Are these two speakers two different sizes ?
Try them in parallel.

If you are driving them from a "Home Cinema Amplifier" they probably don't need any more amplifiers.