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Building 5.1 Audio Amp , don't know where to start out with .? Answered

I have 5 Satellite speakers which has a max input power of 60W , rated 30W ,
6 ohms impedance ,
160 - 20,000 Hz

And a passive subwoofer , max input of 140W rated 70W ,
8 ohms impedance ,
65 - 1,500 Hz

(My god , i just searched underneath my bed and i found  Two of those  old but useful JBL GT82 Subs )
Impedance :Single-4Ohm 8"
Max power : 200W
Rated power : 100W
it's a 8" sub
Now i'm thinking of ,
2 subs (lol)



A stereo amp is two mono amps. Three of those for 5 of your channels will be very cost effective, and one of these from Velleman is the cheapest way of building a 100W amp I know of,

How man, if you are using RCA plugs out of a standard DVD player, you won't be able to do 5.1 surround.


What is your source of 5.1, i.e. what do the sound signals come out of?


I am using RCA plugs out of a standard DVD player ,

fwiw, subwoofers are normally a mono setup, since low frequency response in humans is, afaik, not very directional, and also, if I'm not mistaken, much low frequency content is detected in humans via bone conduction

What's the question ? So you need an amp for each speaker.

i don't know whether to put mono or stereo ... and its hard to find a 100W Subbie Amp kit .