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Building Airpowered Bazooka Answered

I am wondering if i use a sprinkler solenoid valve what kind of power i will need to operate it as in batteries



I've purchased 12 VDC solendoids for air from McMaster that worked as a trigger for a modified sprinkler valve. The ones I purchased are closed when the coil is not energized. They have a DC coil resistance of about 22 ohms, so whatever power supply will be driving the coil will need to be able to source about one half amp or a bit more (12 Volts / 22 ohms) to open the trigger valve to vent the air from the modified sprinkler valve to fire the cannon.

Here is a link to the site with some search results for "solenoid valves"


I ordered mine a few years ago, but they look very similar to the PN 7877K55 ones shown on that page.

Google brings up more sites with searches like "solenoid air control valve" or similar. Here's one of the links that have 12VDC control valves. I have never done business with this site.


Good luck and be carefull!


7 years ago

a gas solenoid valve


7 years ago

Most are 24 VAC, and could probably run on less DC, But they are slow,
by the time it was fully open the pressure in your weapon
would have all leaked out.
Another thing the valves I am familiar with, depend on a continuous source of
pressure to open a pipe. The solenoid just cracks open a tiny trigger channel .

So wonder No more, It wont work.


okay thanks. is there any other kind of valve i could use

specify the pressure you want to release, the volume of the gas container and
the minimum speed of pressure change for the bazooka to work and a mechanical wizard should point you ti a valve you need.