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Building a PC Answered

I am trying to build a computer with more knowledge than last time i was trying to do it, here are my parts list



Hard Drive

CD/DVD Drive



I have a Gateway computer company Vista OS from my old gateway computer, will this work with a non Gateway interface computer? If not, then i will probably download linux to my usb and upload it to the computer.

P.S. i already have a monitor


wouldn't you want less beast of a computer and more $ to invest in other stuff ?

ya i probably wont go through with it, i just wanted to see what i could come up with

both are great in my other box there is a bit older version (first pentium 4's days) of the previous case you chose. im more than happy with it. you can get that case and do some diy with the power supply or keep it as spare

the ram i think is good because one person asked about which ram to use on the board, and another person said, if your using phenom, go with 1066mhz

everything ddr2 should work

but if the mainboard does not support that speed it'll work at the max speed supported by the board

maybe in the board specs they actually mean 1066 mhz ram works. but only up to 800 mhz

Yeah you should, it looks like it does support 1066 after all.

i am not familiar closely with amd hardware. i am familiar more with intel here is my surface advice in the board specs - supported memory it says at the end 800MHz DDR2 Memory Architecture. may this mean that it'll support 1066 mhz memory but not allow it to go beyong 800 mhz ? i am not familiar with ecs in general. i dont know how good their boards are the case is excellent for a cheap case (and you dont need more that that) the power supply that comes with it is usually of bad quality. you better get the case without the supply and get separately better power supply get more fans / larger (120 mm) fans and run them in lower speed to have less noise the board has integrated graphics and most likely uses the computer's memory. check how much memory the card can go up to and install as much so that there is enough for both computer and video if you plan upgrading the video card sooner than the main computer than go for external pci express video card are there actually games in linux that make use of such powerfull box ? i did not know that the vista may make trouble. if it does call microsoft. maybe they'll exchange your license for something you can use on this box

Good summary. I recommend getting a PSU instead of the case one, the case supplied one is always naff. I'd say you should try some 800mhz memory instead of the 1066mhz stuff you've selected, it'll probably be cheaper and is guaranteed to work. Dunno about MS transferring the license though.