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Building a Steambike Answered

And I may need a little help! Wondering if anyone knows of any decent resources for materials, how-to, etc.
I have this piece of crap bike from Target that's been sitting in my basement since the dawn of time, and I thought I'd scrap it out and convert it into a steambike. The only things that I'll probably be using from the old bike are the frame and possibly the wheels. I'm debating on whether or not I want to try and use the chainset somehow...

If anybody knows any good resources, lemme know!


Hello Friends,

The first bikes were push-bikes that had no pedals and were propelled by the rider's feet pushing against the ground. Then came the high-wheelers (also known as "penny-farthing") with their huge front wheel and small rear wheel which were nearly impossible to ride. Finally the "safety bicycle" appeared which offered wheels of equal size and a set of pedals to drive the rear wheel through a chain linkage. Becoming highly popular as a mode of personal transportation, especially in cities, the bicycle soon found it's way to becoming a racing vehicle.

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Umang Kumar


Make magazine had a bit on steam motorbikes a while ago:





You might also want to search for old patents, because I bet that Roper wasn't the only one tinkering along those lines.

Great links! I noticed Make's articles earlier... I really like the roper steamer link. Thanks a bunch! :)

Oh, I found a modern reproduction of the old Roper Steamer: