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Building a Wind Turbine for the first time Answered

     I'm building a wind turbine for the first time and I want to share my progress and chat with people that have done the same type  of thing.

      I'm a member of many different forums online and I value the information I pick up from them a great deal.  (OK here comes the question) I've been looking for an online community of people that share this interest (residential wind power) but I'm not finding any large groups,  or a central hub of knowledge.

My question is ,  Does any one know of a large high traffic wind turbine forum ?

My Googlefu seems to be weak in this area :(


You'll get plenty of advice here, if you need it.

Otherwise, extend your search - look for renewable or alternative energies instead of just wind.

I don't know how much you call "large traffic", but this forum has had posts today.  Try looking there and then checking where the members there post or recommend.

That's great I'll be registering there for sure.  Thank you.

Treehugger.com has a MASSIVE forum, I'm sure you'll find something there. Have you looked?