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Building a Windmill Answered

I live on top of a tall hill were the wind is always blowing at a constant 10 mph, and my electric bill keeps going up and up. So, the idea I have was to make a windmill that is powerful enough to generate between 8000 watts to 12000 watts. I want the design to be efficient, but at the same time not an eye sore. I figured that that just one windmill would need a 20ft propeller so I am leaning more to a series of windmills. I need some more information on the cost, and the design aspects of one or more windmills. If anyone has experience on this subject I would appreciate any information.


BTW, do you really need one that big, I just checked my bill and I used an average of 29 KWH/day last year. If I had a 10 Kw windmill that would be 8X what I use. I'd get rich selling power back ;-)

Is that such a bad thing? (I think that) in the UK, "green" electricity can be sold back to the grid at a premium.

I cant help but notice that the barometer is turning 4 times faster that the windmill in the video. How many watts dose a windmill this size produce, and would this design need a governor?

The anemometer is much smaller and lighter.

If you're using the savonius to charge a bank of batteries, and then tapping the batteries for your power, you don't need a governor, although you may need something to regulate the power into the batteries.

Savonius-style rotors are tough, especially if they're made properly. I made one from a Pringles tube and the rotor from a dead VCR and it spun merrily on a post in my garden until we had a 40mph+ wind + rain and the card went mushy and it all flew apart.

I suspect it would be easier, thou tedious, to build 10 x 1 kilowatt windmills than one 10 kilowatt windmill. They're big

Try one of these

Those are cool because they always work nomatter the direction of the wind. You could always use a windbelt ;)

windbelts are too loud. They only work on a small scale

alright, well the verticle windmill (forget it's name) should be good